Zahara is a multidisciplinary humanist, video artist, musician, designer, creative thinker, art and audio visual producer, art director and collage artist (Availability Uncertain).

Zahara has a specific interest in perception and its bendy variability, and the evocative power of visual narratives. She has studied Sociology and in Escuela de Letras in Madrid, holds a degree in Philosophy and diploma in Gestalt and mind-body therapies. Singer, guitarrist & song writer in The Nyco Project and collaborator with bands like The Cicely Satellites.

Ben is a deconstructor and inventor, musician and music technologist with background in audio visual production, art direction and performance arts. Ben has studies in Mime and in Music Technology and has an special interest in forming new visions of music in the digital landscape, specially through a visual perspective, challenging technologies beyond the borders of what is considered to be feasible.

Long Lost Brother managed his previuos duo Repairman and he has also been producer, engineer & music technology mentor.






Second International Video Art Forum - Dammam, Saudi Arabia (2019)

Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine

York Art Gallery - Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition - York, UK (2019)

Piece: Don’t Say A Word, from The New Machine III series

Irene Taylor Trust - Music In Prisons - Sounding Out Programme COMMISSION - Online pieces (2018-2019)

The Vaults – Kinetica Museum Exhibition -  Waterloo, London, UK (2018)
Piece: Propagation

Lauren Baker gallery – Covent Garden, London, UK (2018)
Piece: Don’t Say A Word, from The New Machine III series

Cairotronica – Palace of Arts, Cairo, Egypt (2018)
Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine

Kinetica Museum 10th Anniversary – Spitalfields, London, UK (2017)
Piece: Astral Music Projections

Barbican Centre – Deconstructing Mozart & Beethoven with the New York Philharmonic, for NYPhil’s biennial residency at Barbican Centre – Barbican, London, UK (2015)

inTRANSIT Festival Of Arts – Portobello, London, UK (2014)
Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine

Roundhouse – Camden Beach Exhibition – Camden, London, UK (2014)
Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine)

Roundhouse – Reverb Festival: “Giant interactive sonic playground”– Camden, London, UK (2014)
Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine

inHouse Film Festival – Manor House, London, UK (2014)
Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine

Barbican Centre – We Create: “Technology for Self Expression” – Barbican, London, UK (2014)
Piece: Audio Visual Music Machine


Lauren Baker gallery – Covent Garden, London, UK  (2018)

Kinetica Museum’s 10th anniversary – Spitalfields, London, UK (2017)

London Interactive Music Meetup - Google Campus - Old Street, London, UK (2016)

New Punks on the Block Festival - Digital Punks panel - London City University, London, UK (2016)

MusicTechFest – London, UK (2015)

5/15 – Fitch – London, UK (2015)

Southpaw’s “Furiously Curious” - Kent, UK (2015)

CultureTech (“Technology and The Performing Arts” panel curated by Barbican Centre), Derry, Northern Ireland, UK (2013)


Aesthetica Magazine – Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology 2018 ­“Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists”

Kolaj Magazine - Kolaj #19 -
‘For lovers of collage, The Nyco Project is a rare opportunity to see just how far the genre can go’.

StyleBiblio – #1 “Otherness” -

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