Psychedelic indie band   |   independent music  |  video art

Our most intimate channel of expression,

The Nyco Project, emerged from the idea of experimenting

with the concept of cutups and music as collage. 

Our organic process is based on documenting all

individual sounds and recorded filmed live performances

on camera, capturing each moment from begining to end.

The results blur lines between realism and surrealism, creating evocative stories, sensual grooves,

desert sounds, gritty pop, power blues and

psychedelic existential rock..

...each one depicted as deconstructable moving paintings;

journeys of perception expansion that respond to touch.

The New Machine I, II, & III     |    EP series


The Sound Of Confusion (UK)

"'Fade Away' is a vibrant, heady, song. A moonshine mix of seductively rich, esoteric, primal, blues. There are glimpses of earthy psych wrapped in bayou swamp groove. 'Fade Away' a is potent mix of Polly Jean Harvey, with touches of the much missed of Boss Hog and Royal Trux.

'You're So Weak' could have fallen from one of the infamous Desert Sessions. Sun-bleached, windswept, it has touches of The Bad Seeds and late era Doors. This is a beguiling, captivating song. Singer Zahara falls into the linage of sensual, alt-torch singers of Nancy Sinatra, through to Beth Gibbons and Martina Topley-Bird. And so to final track 'The New Machine'. Starker, with a less immediate feel, then it is laced with a near perverse pop lightness which is an unexpected delight. The almost erotic groove of the first two songs is initially missed. Then on repeated plays, it reveals some delicious guitars, which embeds the song with dynamic swathes of colour, and allows it to grow with plays. The Nyco Project has delivered an intriguing, powerful, seductive collection of songs... they show a tantalising and wonderful glimpse of the possible shape of things to come."

Stereoboard (UK)


MusicWeek (UK)


InvasionMag (UK)

"Possibly the coolest EP to have ever existed. Ever"

olaj Magazine (Canada)

"The Nyco Project takes things to a whole new level... For lovers of collage, TNP is a rare opportunity to see just how far the genre can go."

Anna Wilson (music & cross arts producer, Barbican Centre)

"Amazing music, amazing art"

Rachel Nelken (senior producer, Roundhouse)

"Really beautiful"

Vassilis Oikonomopoulos (assistant curator, Tate Modern)

"Great, just great!"


Ben Hardy - vocals, guitars, keys, bass, electronic drums, organic sampling

Zahara Muñoz-Vicens - vocals, guitars, keys, bass, organic sampling

Joantoni Seguí - drums, percussion and howls

Daisy Brodskis - bass, keys and howls


Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld, Gong, Guapo) - featuring his guitar in The New Machine and ebow in You Bring Me Hope

Jordi Herrera (The Cicely Satellites, The Marzipan Man) - featuring his cosmic guitar in I Lost My Car and in Bathe Me

Audio Production:

Dave Campbell (HI-RYZE, 62nd Cell, Yozmaz)

Ben Hardy & Zahara Muñoz-Vicens (Strange Pill)

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