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“For lovers of collage, The Nyco Project is a rare opportunity to see just how far the genre can go.”

Kolaj Magazine #19

Strange Pill are London based audio visual artists Ben Hardy (UK) & Zahara Muñoz-Vicens (Spain).


With a post-digital approach to experiencing music through the glowing window and an experimental perspective of music as collage, we have merged filmed live performance cut-ups, locations, loops, touch-screens, holograms, projections, interactivity and video art since 2010.


Our exploratory process started with The Nyco Project, a psychedelic band set up to experiment with new media, new ways of experiencing the rawness of music in the digital landscape, by bringing to the foreground the visual narratives of recording. In 2013 received Arts Council Funding and published our first independent EP as the ephemeral interactive audio visual app “The New Machine” (iOS & Android): the first release of a series of deconstructable video-collage perception-expansion music pieces: digital moving paintings that respond to touch.


Since then, we've continued creating linear & non-linear visual music experiences that explore perception, individuality and togetherness; and have worked in collaboration with a diverse community of artists, creative technologists and organisations to constantly push forward the humanistic ongoing Musicjelly concept, a new inclusive vision that values the global diversity of a multicultural landscape, and with which audiences are invited to enter the creative process and become audio visual composers.

Exhibitions etc

We've exhibited at places like Barbican Centre, Kinetica Museum, Roundhouse (Reverb Festival), York Art Gallery & Cairo Palace Of Arts (Cairotronica). We have also been part of panels on “Technology and The Performing Arts” (CultureTech) & “Digital Punks” (London City University); and delivered talks & demos at places like Alchemea Music Technology College, MusicTechFest, Middlesex University, LCU, Google Campus, and creative hubs like FITCH 515 and Southpaw's Furiously Curious.


We're also part of Aesthetica Magazine's 2019 anthology “Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists”.

york gallery - strange pill - the nyco p

Don't Say A Word at York Art Gallery

Aesthetica Art Prize

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