Psychedelic pop rock band   |   video art

Realism and surrealism, evocative stories, sensual grooves, desert sounds, gritty pop, power blues and psychedelic existential rock.

T N P is Strange Pill's most intimate experimental channel of expression.

Our organic process is based on documenting all individual sounds and recorded performances on camera, capturing each moment from begining to end, which are then treated like cutups of a collage.

T N P is formed by Strange Pill artists, vocalists, human samples and multi-instrumentalists Zahara Muñoz-Vicens and Ben Hardy, together with Daisy Brodskis (bass, keys and backing vocals) and Joantoni Seguí (drums, percussion and backing vocals).


The Nyco Project is at the origin of Strange Pill's existence and exploratory process.


With the 2000s crisis of the music industry the band was set to experiment with its recording process to experience the rawness of music in a digital landscape, becoming the laboratory to unveil the visual narratives lost in an audio recording. In 2013 received Arts Council Funding and published our first independent EP as the ephemeral interactive audio visual app “The New Machine” (iOS & Android): the first release of a series of deconstructable video-collage perception-expansion music pieces.

These visual elements that make the whole of each song turn into moving paintings that respond to touch.

Press reactions to The New Machine app:


“bold” - Stereoboard

“genius” - MusicWeek

“Possibly the coolest EP to have ever existed. Ever” - InvasionMag

“Could The Nyco Project's New EP be the most innovative music app yet?” Appadvice...


The New Machine II followed up as a temporary online exhibition and in 2017 we finished The New Machine III.


The New Machine III music is also the backing track of documentary essay on mapuche circular time concept "The Earthquake of Time" by Gian Marcos Godoy (director of the prized Bob Marley, The Making Of A Legend).


The three The New Machine series will be presented as a vinyl (The Twelve Seasons) to be released with the exhibition of The New Machine III as soon as the adequate venue is chosen. Follow us to find out when this will be or join our newsletter.


The video below shows the preview of The New Machine complete series installation, presented as "The Twelve Seasons" in a pop-up gallery off Abbey Road -a phylanthropic space that Strange Pill turned into a three-floor audio visual journey with different linear and non-linear music experiences.

The video demonstrates the engagement & reactions of the audience with the interactive video-collage installation & how these deconstructable pieces work.



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